Erate Web Hosting

Netricks is listed as a qualified Erate service provider by the Schools and Libraries Program. 

Our Spin number is: 143032733

The Schools and Libraries Program of the Universal Service Fund makes discounts available to eligible schools and libraries for telecommunication services, Internet access, and internal connections. The program is intended to ensure that schools and libraries have access to affordable telecommunications and information services.

The Schools and Libraries Program reimburses telecommunications, Internet access, and internal connections providers like Netricks, Inc. for discounts on eligible services provided to schools and libraries. While schools and libraries apply for these discounts, USAC works in conjunction with service providers to make sure these discounts are passed on to program participants.  If you are an Erate program participant and would like more information on getting service in one of these areas, please contact us and we can assist you. 559-222-2500.

We specialize in E-Rate Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers and website hosting services for schools and libraries.

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