Value-added advertising

 For a magazine publisher a Netricks E-mag lands between the magazine’s website and the printed magazine. A Netricks E-mag combines the best from offline and online; the reader still gets the impression of reading a printed magazine and gains the many possibilities for interacting from the internet as well. Australian company, Graphic Publishing, is aware of this and their digital magazines are seen as complementary to their printed versions.

“We offer our digital magazines for sale at around one third of the price of the printed issue. In addition our subscribers are given free access to the digital issues. Although our digital issues will never replace our printed issues, we love to be able to offer our readers an additional medium by which to read our magazines. Our readers now always have the magazines within reach”, Nikki Ernst, Online Manager at Graphic Publishing tells.

At the moment the market for digital magazines is rather new, so Graphic Publishing are on a long-term strategy. The company expects digital magazines to have such a big impact that it will eventually change the traditional business model of the market. The solution from Netricks E-mags provides Graphic Publishing with an additional advertising media for their advertisers. This is done by placing links on the adverts in the online version that redirects to the advertiser’s homepage.

Graphic Publishing releases 13 magazines a year from its different titles and has so far produced four Netricks E-mag digital versions. For this purpose modules are added as follows:

  • Basic Statistics
  • Geographic Statistics
  • Link Manager
  • Auto Links
  • Video Manager
  • Text Recognition




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